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Flexible Virtual Assistant Experienced in HR, Project Management and Administration

Rising Sun Careers Consultancy can provide practical, hands on or remote assistance with many varying small business needs. With an array of experience spanning HR, Recruitment, Market Research, Project and Product Management for FMCG and the Entertainment industry as well as all aspects of starting up and running an SME, Rising Sun Careers Consultancy offers the ultimate Office Support and Consultancy packages at a rate affordable to Small Businesses in the UK's current business climate.

What We Offer

Services Available:

- Market Research Project Work
- Network Marketing Expertise
- Company LinkedIn Profiles
- Project Management
- Staff Learning and Development Strategy
- Management Training
- Business Referrals
- Administrative Support
- HR Support
- Recruitment and Staff Retention Support
- Employer Ready Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Flexible Costs to Suit Your Business

Just Ask Us What We Can Do To Help

The Rising Sun Careers Consultancy pricing structure is tailored exclusively to suit your budget, so that efficiency is maximised at a minimal cost to your business.

With pricing dependent only on the scope and nature of your project, drop us an email at contact@risingsuncareers.com and we will be happy to see how we can accommodate your business needs!



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