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Professional CV Writing and Careers Guidance to give you an edge in your job search

CV Writing

Why Get A CV Written Professionally?

While many conventional Recruitment Agencies will amend your CV for you free of charge, they will only tailor them to fit the role you have applied for instead of providing you with a document you can put your faith in for multiple applications. Additionally, every agency has a different way of doing things, so it's easy to end up with discrepancies between the different versions of your CV and it makes it hard to tell which version is the "best one".

Rising Sun Careers Consultancy will write you a CV that you can be confident in sending to Agencies or directly to potential employers. Accompanied by an in-depth consultation to make sure it matches up to the roles you're looking for, my service will boost your confidence and ensure your CV will shine for any prospective employer.

Careers Guidance

Giving you a clearer view of your Job Search

For Job Seekers that may feel they are struggling with their applications or are unsure where to start, our Careers Guidance Service provides unbiased, tailored advice to help you successfully apply for jobs in any industry you would like to get into.

Here at Rising Sun Careers Consultancy Ltd, we believe your CV should be about you. Every individual has a unique set of strengths and transferable skills, so whatever your background, we can guarantee you have abilities that will appeal to an employer. With the right guidance and a little confidence, you can truly be successful in anything.

Rising Sun Careers Consultancy offers you an opportunity to invest in your future, and progress your career in whatever direction you want!

How It Works

Same price as a haircut, and you can keep it forever!

I am currently running a special offer where you can get a professional CV write (including a full careers consultation) and a LinkedIn profile for just £50 – usual price is £45 for a CV and £15 for a LinkedIn.

Consultations are a 45 minute telephone appointment where we will go through your professional experience, discuss what you’re looking for and then I will format everything onto a high quality, recruitment industry standard CV template. All of this is entirely confidential – all details shared are kept strictly between myself and my client, and I do not work with any third parties at all.

If you would like to book an appointment or ask a question about my services please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email contact@risingsuncareers.com today!