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Rising Sun Careers Consultancy Ltd was founded by Director Anna Rogers in 2018 with a strong vision for what Recruitment for Small Businesses and Candidates should look like in the future. Having worked for various Recruitment Agencies large and small in Bristol for a number of years, it became increasingly apparent that the usual offering by Recruitment Agencies was far from ideal for small businesses.

Without the budget to be able to pay the standard 20% Agency margin for successful Candidates, she found many small organisations were stuck between "A Rock and a Hard Place" - not having the resource to spare on managing applications, while still needing to ensure they acquired the best talent to suit the needs of their growing businesses. With that in mind, she established this company to provide affordable, unbiased and efficient solutions for small business - a way to outsource the administrative burden of making a hire, without having to pay astronomical rates or deal with an industry that often gets a bad reputation for misleading practices.

By cutting out the middle man and still allowing Clients to hire directly, Rising Sun Careers Consultancy offers the ultimate back-office support package to ensure cost and labour saving to small businesses inundated with applications. With an array of tailored solutions available, our clients are now able to outsource as much or as little of their recruitment pain points as they require, without breaking the bank.

Rising Sun Careers Consultancy also has a fantastic offering for Candidates seeking work as well. With our bespoke CV writing and Careers Guidance service available for every Job Seeker, Junior to Executive, we believe that everybody should have an application that they can put their full confidence in at an affordable price. A good CV is for life, and having an industry-standard, consultant written document to hand to employers can provide you with peace of mind when looking for work.

Whatever your needs, Rising Sun Careers Consultancy has a solution for you. Get in touch with us today for more information!


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